About Carlisle Mountaineering Club

An Active Climbing Club Close to The lake District.



CMC Gathering at The Club Hut In Newlands Valley

Carlisle Mountaineering Club has been on the go since the 1950s. Since its formation, we have occupied 2 huts in adjacent valleys. Our original Borrowdale hut disappeared in a fire back in the 1970s. Since then we run a completely different, type of hut in the more remote and wild Newlands Valley.

Cutting Edge Climbing & Sociable Traditions

Since the club’s birth, some club members have led the field, in pushing the grade of what’s possible on rock. In the late 70s and early 80s the club was more or less the epicentre of a lot of the developments in high standard free climbing.

Many well known characters from the storied history of mountaineering and climbing have found a home with us. Geoff Oliver, of Ichabod fame and the friendliest Geordie you would ever meet at the crags, was an active member for many years: well into his seventies. Dennis English was still giving it his best shot at Kalymnos well after his 90th birthday. Even Chris Bonnington has long been a member.

One of the most remarkable club traditions has been the Boxing Day Blencathra Meet. Over the course of 30 years or more the tradition has grown in an amazingly friendly and inclusive way. Though our post prandial pub venue changes, you are as likely to find yourself sat with a raw beginner or a famous name: and all with no airs or graces.

Most of all the club is here to encourage and support enthusiasts for the hills, rocks, icefalls and craic! That has never changed.

Dave Armstrong Lake District Rock Climber